Way back in 1990 Perry (Drums & Vocals), Vincent (Bas) and Stephan (Guitar) decided to start a band, the name of the band is "Travoltas". The tree guys start in a town not far from Tilburg. Inspirated by "Bad Religion" and "SNFU", their music was described as a mixture of hardcore and punk. They make a demo, called "Saturdaynight Beaver", which delivers them alot of gigs in Holland and Belgium. In 1993 Stephan decides to leave the band, and Perry and Vincent also decide to quit...

In the summer of 1994 Perry and Vincent get together again and decide to give "Travoltas" a rebirth. They find a new bass player, named Eric, so Vincent has to play guitar. Robin, a second guitarplayer, joins the band. After working hard on new material, the soldout demo "Virgins from the planet sex" was released. While Robin leaves the band, some recordcompanies react on the demo. The result is that only after a month after the release of the demo, "Travoltas" sign a contract for their debut-cd, at "FTI-Records".

This debut cd was released in February 96, the cd was titled Kill! Kill! Kill! Sex! Sex! Sex! , and was a big succes. The band gets alot of airplay from radiostations such as VPRO , VARA , KRO , KINK FM and Studio Brussels . They get great reviews by the press, including some interviews and a 3 page artical in OOR .View a really old picture, click here

The band decides to take a new drummer, Martijn, so Perry can concentrate more on singing, and to inprove the live shows. In this period the band is busy making new material for a full-length cd, Baja California.View a review of this album. This cd, recorded in autumn 96, seemed to be another succes when several recordcompanies contact the band. This time GAP/De Konkurrent has the best deal,when they release the album in Februari, and the single Waimea in January 1997. This single gets alot of airplay on Radio 3", Kink FM and Studio Brussels , and climbes fast in the Kink FM-Outlaw 41"-list. Baja Calnifornia gets great reviews and enters number 1 in the Lowlands Top 15" from the magazine Fret , the album stays number 1 for 3 months!

A second guitarplayer, Jasper, comes to reinforce the band and he works in pretty fast. Shortly after that the band plays the notorious Skatefest at Dynamo Open Air and leaves the mad crowd with a unforgetable impression. In August 1997 the band leaves for a one month during European tour. Travoltas supported Marky Ramone & The Intruders (ex-Ramones) from New York. Both bands played in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. During the lively visited tour, the band has alot of succes. They even sign a new (European) contract at We Bite-Records from Germany. Travoltas prove to be ready for the bigger work...

"Travoltas", known for their spectacular stage-performances, already played and toured with bands as:
SNFU, Marky Ramone & The Intruders, The Humpers, Strung Out, Satanic Surfers, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Madball, DOA, UK SUBS, Only Entertainment, etc.


As the name of this project suggests, Abstract techno is what this is all about. Previously he could be admired in the Noorderligt theatre and on the international Merg en Been festival. On various requests his first CD-release is due shortly.

Vincent Koreman, also known as the guitar player of Travoltas & the inventor of this project, is an established artist. He tries to get the audience in a total trance of alienation and the same time to stay interesting. And... It works!!

The music is made by the Real Time Mixing of exquisite, well-picked fragrances of chorus that are extruded from the Russian Radio and the Turkish Television. Besides several tracks of his own, RA-X adds live-played sounds, which clash with the analogue prehistoric synthesizers and are generated in the darkest depths of almost forgotten electronic circuits...

The RA-X Bio was stolen from the Double Noise Records-cite