Daily Fire Biography

Living in (probably) the most boring town on the westcoast of Holland, Rijnsburg, C-BuH and Arjan 'El Merro Merro' Z spend their youth dreaming of free beer, hot chicks and cool music. Finding out that just dreaming about stuff like that isn't going to get them anywhere, they decide to form a band. Calling themselves 'the Frusties' they find a drummer and someone who wanted to sing, and started to practice. playing with almost everything out of tune,and with the drummer leaving to play in a metalband, the band died off, and C-Buh joined the metalband.
That one split up too, leaving both C-Buh and Arjan Z without a band. Arjan 'Sjap' S showed interest in singing, and the idea of reforming 'the Frusties' came up again. After almost 6 months they found a drummer, Jan, who wanted to play with them.

Gotten older, the guys came to the conclusion that 'Frusties' wasn't a very cool name anymore, and so the name got changed into Daily Fire. Playing together for 6 months now Daily Fire plays a mix of raw emotionally charged punkrock, poppunk and even hardcore, mixing cover songs (CIV, AFI, Goldfinger) with their own material. Highly energetic stage escapades almost force you to dance to their songs about girlfriends, unemployment, being unheard and the feeling you get from eating too fast. A Daily Fire show may be a bit short, but never boring!

Line Up:

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