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Can't be wrong:
the rain's been falling down for so long
the sky is grey, wished it moved along
and as the wind blows I feel lonely and I find
it so hard to ease my mind
and say that today, I'm on my way
and I will never be the same
that the sun makes me stunned
makes me wanna write this song
and when I breathe the ocean's breeze
the life on the beach
I know I can't be wrong
my window shut, keeps the rain outside
water's my friend but not this time
and as I dream about the summer that we shared
the good times that we had

I want to believe
Hey pretty girl remember me, I saw you at the mall
I was working at the Pizza-O-Rama, you were with your mom
do you wanna go out with me, cause we would dance all night
you could have a real good time with Mr. Me on your side
Shirley, I want to believe
won't you believe in me
remember Mr. Rogers' class, you were standing at the door
you winked your eye, I was surprised, my books fell on the floor
at the cafeteria once again, you passed with your friends
and for the first time ever I could smell your perfume in the air
and the day I called for the notes you had, well, that was just a lie
I just wanted to talk to you, and dream that you were mine

Like to walk around
going out for another day,
the working class is on it's way
but I don't care
if they want me to go to work
she's building up her self-esteem
the eight till five - but not for me
and he's still mad
that he's working for my world
I don't wanna be the rest of a modest world's fantasy
I'm gonna make the sound
of all the boys and girls who like to walk around
I see them as they come and go
they shake their heads as if I don't know
but I stay young
and their minds are getting old
they're in all week to please a man
who they don't know, who won't be friends
and when week ends, they're all back in their homes
I just don't wanna know
what my life will be about when I'm 64
no I'm gonna walk around
as long as I need the time figure out
(I'm gonna shout)

C'mon Rockcity
did you ever dream about this place
where there are lots of girls with a pretty face
where the beer is cheap, you don't have to sleep
hang out all night, new friends to meet
the music makes them all turn wild
nobody tells you wrong or right, so come on
everybody knows your name
moviestars and gamble games
and they never stop cause the band plays rock
spot that girl, she's looking hot
hey Mr. Deejay play another song
there's always something going on
and the neon lights say welcome home
you're off tonight, you're looking good
gonna dance all night on your blue suede shoes
the guitars so loud, you're gonna shout
what tomorrow brings you don't care about
so come on
everybody knows your name
movie stars and gamble games
and you'll never stop cause the band plays hot
let's make out at the parking lot
hey pretty baby, won't you come along
step outta the car and walk around / I feel so fine
just breathe the air and hear the sound / gonna dance all night
the light's so bright, the love so deep / gonna make you mine
rockcity take me to your dream

Bye Bye Baby
it's time to leave the house today
it's time to find myself a way
oh yeah -
it's time to say goodbye tonight
to the wonder years and endless fights
oh yeah -
I'm gonna try to find a place where I belong
where no one says to me I'm wrong
I'm not gonna make the same mistake
of dreaming you will wait for me
oh yeah -
today I'm gonna make it mine
forget it all, go on with my life
oh yeah -
it's time to change and say the things that are on my mind
it's time for me to just say:
no more fooling around / now I'm ready
no one's getting me down / always happy
time to turn around / bye bye baby
no one's pushing me around
it's time for me to think about
what matters to me and what's to be doubt
oh yeah -
it's time for me to find the words
to get out of the mess that makes me hurt
oh yeah -

A girl named you
I never thought that I'd miss you
this whole year I could kiss you
but I chose not to do
all the time you knew my name was Randy
the school is out, don't forget me
cause I dream of you
but now I saw you smile to another guy - sha na na
and now I'm afraid you won't be around
I never thought you would like me
cause in class you were lonely
and I was so rude
now's the time, baby I'm gonna kiss you
and in my room there's a picture
of a girl named you
please don't leave the town this summer
I'll be at the beach
we could get to know eachother
I know you know me
oh I don't wanna be lonely, let me take you to the prom
the cutest of them all
won't you listen to my heart
but I saw you at the diner, you left with another guy
do you know you broke my heart now, baby
I think I'm gonna cry
do you ever think of me, do you remember me at all
well if you do, just honey won't you please come on do it,
just gimme a call

There goes Marsha
Marsha was a cute girl, she could smile to me all day
she kissed me on the cheek the other day
and then she asked me to stay
Marsha was a cute girl, she could dance with me all night
and with her pink dress on I didn't have much time
all the guys at school they loved her, they all wanted to be her man
but she always said I had a pretty good chance
and then she kissed me / she kissed him
and I was her man / he was her man
that's when I thought I'll never be fooled again
and then she left me / she left him
I cried at home / he cried at home
my baby split to California on her own
she was always with me during the few weeks that we shared
and I really believed everything she said
on the beach we were together, Friday night we liked to dance
and on a Saturday night I took her to the drag
I never thought this would happen to me
I really thought this girl was meant for me
but now I'm alone, just with my memories
of the girl everybody wants to kiss,
but she kissed me

The one with the sun
more years did she have then me
I was mad for her
guess she never tried to speak
to the other guys
oh she was all mine
answered my asking eyes
and to my heart, never leave me alone
went to the beach at night
we were gone, watch the sun going down
no one to know
lie on the ground, world's upside down
down the hill I wait for her
took another chance
should have listened to my friends once more
all the wasted time, oh she made me blind
shut down my wondering eyes
it told my heart: "I always could have known"
went to the other guy
now she's gone and the sun's going down
now I'm alone
lie on the ground, world's upside down
down and around / turn around / make a sound for the one
that is gone / I'm the one with the sun on the run
lie on the ground, I'm upside down, I've turned around

Modern world
do you know that man did never land on the moon
that the end of this world's coming soon
that Jesus had a brother too
do you know that Jerry Springer has got it right
that Elvis Presley is still alive
that Diet Pepsi isn't light
do you know that dead men can be frozen in
until another age begins
where television is a sin
do you know that Lustre Seven really works
stay up all night on just a herb
that dead men don't buy porn to jerk

welcome to the modern world
do you know computers kill the human brain
and we will never see the rain
John Candy in the Hall of Fame
do you know the Abflex doesn't work at all
Oasis built a wonderwall
and this is not a song at all

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