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Updated 02-27-2000

The site has now officially moved to, so redirect your links, bookmarks and attention there!

  • Heard rumors about "You got what I need" entering the 'tipparade'. More news on this as we find it.
    2 more new tour dates added. Check 'em out!

    Kaartjes winnen voor de Showcase met Nilsson, Keith Caputo, Wipneus & Pim en ons aller Travoltas???? Klik hier om uit te vinden hoe!

    Check out the new cd-cover

    Brought to you first by

    Video News!

    The Box included the new video in their playlist, 'clipcode' 547. So call them if you want to see it. The new Travoltas videoclip is now on TMF Media Rotation and has been voted HOT!!!! This means the clip will be shown 5 to 8 times a day!!!! In case you can't receive TMF here are some thumbnails from the clip. Check them out!!
  • Thumbnails 1
  • Thumbnails 2
    They're pretty big files, but worth the wait, trust us. They're also cool to use as a background for your desktop. Thanx a shitload to the makers of the video.

    Added some info about the new single and video in the news section. If you want to be sure that you know everything first, sign up to the Travoltas Newsletter. Scroll down to sign up!

    Soon to come !!!

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