Truckstop/Motorlodge | Ron Johnson, audioconsultant | Waimea | Baja California | Go with me, take my hand | All alone to the senior prom | Chased by the waves | Monstertrucks | Schoolyard blonde | I shop, therefore I am | Valley girl | Here comes the summer
All lyrics written by Perry, except "Chased by the waves" and "All alone to the senior prom" by Eric

I ran into a cheap old truckstop, I parked my truck outside
All beauties over there, these trucks were everywhere
all shining, equiped with heavy gear, I went into the cheap old truckstop,
I bought the guys a beer, my buddies all around
whe drank and sung about the girls we picked up down the road
Along the road can be cold and lonely, always gone from home and honey
rubber burns, the engine is getting hot, no return
cause the king of the highway rolls
And when you're lonely there's the truckstop, always someone to talk
to drink and sing a song, to fight and get along
it's called: the truckstop/motorlodge

Ron Johnson, audioconsultant:
Well let me tell you a story about Ron Johnson, he once sold me a big stereo-set.
As I walked into the store, he never could have missed me
He introduced himself, he wanted to shake hands
he looked me in the eyes, he said "I'm Ron Johnson,
I'm your consultant for today", and with shaking knees I said "I want a stereo"
"Well, you're lucky buddy, this is the place"
Ron Johnson, Ronster Johnson
well, he took me to the audio-department, 200 sets the same to me
he showed a Sony, a Philips, a Kenwood and a Pioneer
"aah I know, there's more you wanna see" He ran downstairs
He looked into the basement
he came up with some new ideas,
well at that point I would have settled for a walkman
then I thought "I'm never gonna leave"
after seeing all the sets Ron showed me I still couldn't make a choice
and my audio consultant, he looked at me with disbelief
he started speaking with an irritated voice:
"Now you look mister, my name is Ron Johnson,
I'm the best man you can get", and he handed me an expensive set and shouted:
"Pay for this or I'll smack you in the head"

Sea is calling, grab your board, Waimea wins today
fear for nothing, your friend's the shore, the king of Waimea Bay
Waimea's breaking, Waimea, Waimea's breaking now
always searching the perfect wave, think you're riding it today
beautiful morning, sun tans your face, surf's up today
driving hours to hit the shore, 30-foot wave will make your day
feel the power under your board, ride the wild surf everyday

Baja California
When the sun lays herself, ocean shore's cooling down and the sand is getting cold
then I know what is wrong, why the best days are gone, why I have to leave my home
and I wonder why wait for summer when there's a shore where the sun always shines
don't know what to do without the water, California makes me wonder all year summer
When the leaves start to fall, winter's making her call and the night shortens the day
when the rain reaches ground, the sky is full of breaking clouds, then I have to go my way

Go with me, take my hand
Do you want to go with me, far away, to a place with a bright blue sky
do you want to fly with me, would you care to dance and spend the night
I know just the place, where there are sun-tanned bodies
and smiling faces, the palmtrees are waving, icecream in your hand
and the waves will forget all your problems, swim in the sand
go with me, take my hand, do you want to run with me
yes you can, just leave it all behind, it always will be you and me
forget the past, and kiss this world goodbye, do you see the golden beach
feel the wind, it's blowing through your hair, on the beach, come walk with me
it feels so good, just breathe the salty air

All alone to the senior prom
Kelly was my first love, she used to follow me, wherever I went and did not go
Debby was my second, she was as pretty as the sun, that diamonds the shore
I'm trying to catch the scenes, I'm lying to cover "Where you've beens"
I'm hoping that she too will come alone
Stacy was the third one, her hair was so long
her eyes, they made me melt away, Jayne was my fourth love
we used to get around, until she moved to another place
all alone to the senior prom (2X), she's smiling, she's happy
and I am all alone at the senior prom
Lorna just talked too much, when she came from the beach even her tongue had a tan
Trisha was expensive, spent all my money on her wishes and demands

Chased by the waves
Surfer girl, how beautiful you are, surfer girl, you look so fine
In my dreams, I see us walking along the shore
in the haze of the sunset sea
well I'm chased by the waves, chased by the waves
can't seem to find my worries have gone
surfer girl, your eyes a golden sea, surfer girl, I feel so funny
I'm confused, feel like married to the waves
would you mind ending second place

hear the engine start, feel my pounding heart, big wheels roll so hard
rise above all tiny wagons, give them smoke,
I step on the gass and they're gone
jump on cars for fun, six more now I'm done, big wheels are smashing harder
monster truck destructing your car on the road
run away right now cause the big wheel's
destructing now, she's the king of the road
run away there's no escape from, run away right now,
crushing the cars around, demolition roll
monstertrucks kill the trash what's on the road
4 x 4, kill once more! 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4, 4 x 4
see my giant truck, yours looks like a bug
run, I wish you luck, once I get to the next iron, step back!
one hit and your car is gone, excellerate once more, hear the engine roar
hit the machine while it's running, get on top, your steel is crushing below

Schoolyard blonde
I never forget the smile, the highschool girl winked her eye, then I felt so warm inside
She crossed the schoolyard waving, both my legs were shaking
never thought, never tried, never hoped she crossed my heart, never called, never yelled,
never knew I was her type, never wrote, never danced, never thought "I'll take a chance"
and with the girl far away now, what can I do, now I never knew she loved me
I never took the chance to ask the girl for a dance, got drunk with all my friends instead
I thought "I'll try tomorrow", now I've waited too long

I shop, therefore I am!
I shop, therefore I am, I have lots of cash to spend, I have dollars in my hand
keep them for myself, buy for no one else no one else
you know, I am alone, don't call anybody "friend"
going to the bank again, shopping bags are full
going home alone, go alone
I shop for fun, don't save any money
mother's creditcard ruled by my hand, daddy give me please, please more money
you've worked for it so hard, now it's time your son throws it around
I shop, therefore I am, I am never satisfied, consumer of another kind
mr. creditcard, money is my heart
is my heart

Valley girl
She came from the valley, hot, she was mine
she knew how to make me happy, but she didn't have a dime
her hair was always shining, she washed it every day
and when she took a shower, she would let me stay
valley girl, valley girl
she never listened to teachers, they didn't know what to do
but as long as I pleased her, she walked me to school
at lunch we were together, all the jealous guys around
oh man, I was so happy, with the cutest girl around
and one day she took me to her own place, her parents were not at home
and then she promised in my face, I would never be alone
and one day she left me, I got no letter, no song
but she left me $ 3000, hey, where could I go wrong?

Here comes the summer
Well winter was cold and lonely again, but now it's time to leave the rain
it's no more big coats, it's time to wax my board, put on my shorts
in the morning the sky is blue, the sun gives her warmth to the earth
my skin is tanning, the girls are waving, they know my name, they call my name
here comes the summer, here comes the sun, here comes the day we've all been waiting for
let's have some fun, everyday sunshine, girls all around, summer breeze feels warm all night
when I wake up on a summer day, when I smell the flowers in the air
my head is spinning, the waves are winning, run to the beach
the girls are splashing in the water now, we swim, play games in the sun
'cross the boulevard, cruisin' my new car, one hand at the wheel

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