• If you want to book the Travoltas in the BeNeLux, you'll have to contact "Boom! Agency" and ask for Jan ten Boom tel: 0513-416307.

  • For bookings throughout Europe and the USA call Slavetraders Agency from Amsterdam:
    fax: +31-20-49.45.323

    Travoltas' contact adress in Europe:
    P.O.Box 327
    5000 AH Tilburg
    The Netherlands


    contact adress for America/Japan:
    Travoltas USA/Japan
    4818 Tacanastreet #25
    90008 Los Angeles, CA, USA

    For all other questions:
    mail the makers of this page.
    Webmasters icq: Arjan - 25940545 / Siebe - 9003367.

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