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Okay, so today the new Travoltas single "You got what I need" was released. It totally rules! It was also accompanied by a video, which is very funny, very good AND it features probably the most beautiful chick in Europe. So you better watch TMF 24 hours a day to be sure you don't miss it.

Some of the dutch fans might have already heard the new single on Radio 3fm. The single will officially be available februari 5th, and will come in 2 different versions: one with 1 extra track, and one with 3 extra tracks.
Version 1: You've Got What I Need + American Vitamin
Version 2: You've Got What I Need + American Vitamin + Return of Randy + Space and Beyond

Travoltas are still looking for someone (m/f) who can play keyboard and sing as well. Send an email to
Jasper, or write to: Travoltas, P.O. Box 327, 5000 AH Tilburg.

Did you know Travoltas-fans are really dedicated to their favorite band. They did sent thousands of emails to the internet-live-music-award where Travoltas ended on a second place. Thanks a lot for having such faith in us!

The new single will be accompanied by a video. The video will be shot in about 2 weeks. Travoltas are still looking for a fine location.

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