Hi, I found this review of the "Baja Calnifornia" album:

Travoltas - Baja California.
GAP / Konkurrent

Welcome to sunny Tillburg. Fun loving city of golden beaches, sea, surf and ...eh? Yup, it's true. California Surf/poppunk is well at home in soggy Holland. Unthreatening and kinda cute, slick and speed-tanned skate corporate USA. Not that that's bad or anything, it's just that the Americans can do this stuff fine on their own and don't need any help from anyone else. This CD tastes like Epitaph, or at least has the same chemical additives. I like the Travoltas though, Kill! Kill! Kill! Sex! Sex! Sex! (a previous CD) has a nice edge to it that enables you to forgive them anything. The spark is here, some of the songs are really good, it's all just a bit dulled by imitation sunshine.

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