Travoltas discography:

"Baja California" (GAP/De Konkurrent)
The single "Waimea" was taken from this album.
"Modern World" (MCA publishing)
This album contained 2 singles: "I want to believe" and "C'mon Rockcity". 2 Tracks from the "C'mon Rockcity" single are on the playlist of Fat Free Radio . These tracks are "I shop (therefore I am)" and "C'mon Rockcity"

Baja California

-Eric: bass & backing vocals
-Vincent: guitars
-Perry: vocals
-Martijn: drums


1. Truckstop/Motorlodge
2. Ron Johnson, audioconsultant
3. Waimea
4. Baja California
5. Go with me, take my hand
6. All alone to the senior prom
7. Chased by the waves
8. Monstertrucks
9. Schoolyard blonde
10. I shop, therefore I am
11. Valley girl
12. Here comes the summer

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One single was released: Waimea

Modern World (original and US cover)

-Perry: vocals
-Vince: lead guitar
-Jasper: rhythm guitar & backing vocals
-Erik: bass & backing vocals
-Ro: drums


1. Can't Be wrong
2. I want to believe
3. Like to walk around
4. C'mon rockcity
5. 2000
6. Bye bye baby
7. A girl named you
8. There goes Marsha
9. The one with the sun
10. Modern world

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From this album 2 singles were released:
I Want to believe

C'mon Rockcity